For Rent: 2 Bathrooms

A few months ago, my single, adult son informed me that he (and the bank) had purchased a four bedroom, 3 bathroom house. "What’re you going to do with so much room?" I asked. "I don’t know," he replied, "but I’m tired of living in that little apartment." That little apartment included a mere two bedrooms and two baths.

I wondered what Bubbie would have thought of his comment had she been around to hear it. She - head of a household of 8 people who had squeezed into a small half double - would have been shocked. Her entire house, which boasted one bathroom, equipped with a claw-footed tub but no shower was probably one-third the size of my son’s. "Nu? What does one person do with three bathrooms?" she’d probably ask. "Rent a couple of them out?" She, of course, saw no dishonor in our lining up outside the bathroom awaiting our turn. Three generations were forced to share that bathroom as well as three tiny bedrooms, each of which barely held a double bed and small chest of drawers.

As a child, I adored my two uncles who lived with us, partly because they were always trying to better our living conditions. Never did they earn more praise than when they used a garden hose to rig up a shower in the basement. After that, there was somewhat less competition for the bathroom.

I’m happy for my son and hope he enjoys his new acquisition. I wonder though. if he’ll have a change of heart after he’s had to clean all those bathrooms several times. Come to think of it, as a single guy, cleaning bathrooms is probably not very high on his to do list.

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