My Very Own Disney World

I recently overheard a group of young people discussing their upcoming winter vacations. One said she was going to Aspen to ski, another to Disney World and a third was heading for a Caribbean cruise. All this and they had not yet reached teenhood!

When I was a kid, I went to Disney World, too! Only then it was called Woolworth’s. The thought of seeing all the ‘tchochkies’ for sale always thrilled me. When I went with Bubbie, we usually headed straight for the notions department which didn’t hold much interest for me. While she shopped for rickrack, thread or some other unexciting thing, I browsed around the toy section nearby.

I enjoyed shopping more with my mother who invariably went to the counter where sheet music was sold. Nightly, my Mother would sit at our old upright piano, trying to master popular songs of the day. During each visit to Woolworth’s, she would choose one or two pieces which the lady at the store’s piano would play for her. Mama would take a long time deciding which piece to buy. They did, after all, cost 10¢ each!

During the time she struggled to decide, she allowed me to go to my favorite place, the costume jewelry department. Rings and bracelets, displayed on black velvet, glittered brightly under the showcase lights. I was completely dazzled by their beauty! How I longed to try on something, but the salesladies always ignored me. Their snubs, however, never diminished my enthusiasm for this magical place.

The thing that completed the day came when we climbed upon high stools at the lunch counter and ordered ice cream sodas. It may not compare to skiing in Colorado, but to a nine year old in the early 40’s, it was nothing less than heaven!

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