How to Live Longer (But Probably Enjoy It Less)

I've always hated exercising! When I was in high school, I dreaded going to phys ed class. As if the blue bloomers ( the most unflattering form of women’s attire ever invented!), weren’t bad enough, we were graded on whether or not we could do twenty sit-ups. I was doomed! No way could I do them. I knew, however, that there was a higher power the minute our teacher said we students could grade each other. Unfortunately, none of my friends were in that class, but there was a girl from Sunday School whom I’d always ignored, mainly because she was smart, knew how to read Hebrew fluently, and wore brown oxfords. But that day I needed her desperately and was relieved when she agreed to be my partner. With her help (literally!), I did the sit-ups and passed the course.

When I grew up, I avoided exercising like root canal until I underwent open heart surgery. In a no nonsense tone, my cardiologist said "pick out a daily exercise to do or you’ll find yourself in big trouble." At the rehab center, I quickly realized that the only piece of equipment remotely bearable was the stationary bike and eventually bought one. Much to everyone’s surprise (including my own) in nine years I racked up over 11,000 miles on that bike. To be honest though, I still hate exercising, but am thoroughly convinced that riding a bike is a whole lot better than doing sit-ups on a hard gym floor.

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