Stupid is as Stupid does!

As an avid people watcher, I enjoy looking at folks to try to figure out something about them. A few weeks ago, I had a chance to indulge in this pastime while waiting to board a plane. On this particular day, I decided to guess who were the passengers and who the "sender-off-ers". The first objects of my attention were a young woman in cut-off jeans and bare midriff and a young man, also wearing cut-off jeans. He had on a grungy looking tee shirt bearing the message "Stupid but happy !" She pushed a baby in a stroller while he carried a barefoot toddler. With them was a nicely dressed older couple whom I quickly decided were the passengers. Not so! After tearful goodbyes, the young couple and their children boarded the aircraft.

Seeing them caused me to reflect back to the time when I traveled with small children to visit grandparents. Packing was a five suitcase, two day affair. With disposable diapers unavailable, a separate suitcase was needed for cloth ones. One thing was certain, however, we would all be dressed up - the children in dresses or little suits, I in high heels, a dress, hat, and a pair of white gloves, not worn but clutched atop a large purse. When we got to Bubbie’s house, of course, we changed into more comfortable clothes.

Reflecting on all that caused me to ponder a bit. Which generation, I wondered, had really earned the right to wear a shirt with the word stupid splashed across the front.

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