So What’s the Beef?

Does anyone other than me ever wonder what happened to good taste and honesty in advertising? Lately, when I watch T.V, I am quick to change channels to avoid certain commercials- especially those jeans ads. It’s not that I don’t admire the slinky models with their incredible bodies. It’s just that I don’t believe they’re REAL PEOPLE. (I tend to think the claims the sponsor makes aren’t real either.)

I miss the old days when that lady who looked a little like my Tante Becky kept asking "Where's the beef?" I also loved the Alka Seltzer ads in which characters moaned, "I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!" Now THEM I could relate to.

Today there are ads that feature a gorgeous grey haired man and stunning woman, supposedly my age but with skin and bodies of thirty year olds. Smiling, they hold up a can of liquid food supplement, tell us they consume these daily and claim that’s why they look and feel so good.

Just for the heck of it, I checked out a few of these products and discovered that one serving contains 250 calories! And they expect us to believe that those svelte actors drink can after can of the stuff? To tell the truth, I long for those old Geritol ads that claimed to cure iron-poor blood, because, even though I never had visual proof of its effectiveness, I remember my Bubbie saying that, after she took it, her blood really did feel a lot richer.

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