On October 26, 2006 our beloved Shirley Schatz passed away at the age of 75. Although she had diabetes and heart disease for many years, she lived her life to the fullest right until the end. She was loved by so many, especially her 4 children. She was the best mother and Bubbie anyone could ask for and we will miss her. We will continue to update this website as we find more of her stories on her computer.

a familiar Yiddish title for a Jewish Grandmother
I am a bubbie. So were my mother and grandmother. There are all kinds of bubbies in the world. Some are acclaimed for their matzah ball soup: others for being balabustas, women who are quintessential homemakers. While my bubbie had the reputation for being those things, everyone knew that her real gift was that she was a storyteller, par excellence! The daughter of poor Russian Jewish immigrants, her stories always fascinated me.

My matzah balls are only so-so, and I am definitely not a balabusta. I like to think, however, that I inherited Bubbie’s knack for telling stories. To try out this theory, several years ago I began writing my own stories – and some of hers as well. Thus, I developed a collection I call "Bubbie’s Meisas," (Grandma’s Stories). It has turned into a rather extensive assortment of short, hopefully humorous, essays.

If you're old enough to be a bubbie (or zayde) yourself, you might enjoy reading a few sample stories on the next pages. They may stir up some long forgotten memories. If you are younger, they may give you a glimpse of what your own parents and grandparents have experienced.

We would love to hear your comments about this Web Site or these stories. please email bubbie@bubbela.com. Thanks for taking the time to visit Bubbie’s Meisas.