Throw in a Homemade Pie and You’ve Got A Deal!

I think the telephone is one of the most wonderful inventions ever created; however I frequently want to throw mine out the window, especially when someone calls to sell me replacement windows, a new long distance phone service or something else I don’t need or want. I usually cut off the person with "I'm not interested" but really long to yell "stay out of my face!"

This telemarketing is a fairly new phenonomen which my parents did not have to contend with. Sure, they had door to door salesmen back then. Who could forget the Kirby vacuum cleaner guy who asked for "only an hour or so of your time" and proceeded to clean your entire downstairs as he demonstrated the wonders of his product? And my mother, known to everyone as a balabusta-with-floors-you-could-eat-off, was always delighted to see the new items in the Fuller Brush man’s case. Not only did he sell brushes but also a myriad of other things capable of keeping everything antiseptically clean and every balabusta excruciatingly happy. Mama was also delighted with the free gifts that came with every purchase. A comb or pocket mirror, a shoehorn and other tchochkies each worth about a nickel.

The salesmen I looked forward to most were the venders who walked up and down our streets each summer carrying baskets of fruit, singing "straw-berries" or whatever was in season .My bubbie could never resist the fresh produce they hawked which always meant that we would have strawberry or some other scrumptious pie for dinner.

Perhaps if the guy who wants to sell me a new phone service would throw in some homemade pies with the deal, I might consider the offer. Deep down though, I know that nothing could possibly taste as good as those that Bubbie created. At least not as I remember them.

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