Memories are Made of Things Like Matzo Crumbs

A myriad of memories come rushing to mind whenever I think of Passovers gone by. For some reason, unexpected occurrences always seem to happen during that holiday. There was the hidden afikomen which to this day has never been found. All the kids ended up getting a prize as I recall, and each time any of them came to visit, the hunt was on again.

I also remember the wine that looked delicious but tasted dreadful and the one that caused my oldest son a problem. He began by nudging me with his foot to get my attention, but I, trying desperately to conduct a serious seder and thinking he was simply fooling around, ignored him. Finally he announced that there was something wrong with his face. Sure enough, both face and body were covered with red blotches, most likely hives. Since that Passover, I don’t think a single drop of red wine has touched his lips.

Then there was the time I got ready to use the only Passover tablecloth I had large enough to fit our expanded table. It was nicely folded and looked clean, but, when I went to put it on the table, I was shocked. Obviously, someone, (surely not I) had put it away unwashed. (We were lucky that the ants didn’t find all those matzo crumbs still residing within.)

The time I remember the best is when our power went out for several hours. This happened at five in the afternoon. At that time, the Matzo Ball soup was hot and the chicken was almost roasted, but, we all knew that two hours hence, when the Haggadah had been read, our soup would be cold and the meal less than perfection. At first, one of my sons decided to use the lights from his battery powered video camera so that we could read. But in those days, it weighed a ton and this soon got tiresome. Our solution? We went through the Haggadah backwards and ate the meal first. Sure enough, the lights came on as we finished, but even the thought of a Hillel sandwich and four cups of wine was too much for us.

Passover certainly does evoke lots of memories, but probably the most precious for me is the picture in my mind of the whole family sitting around a table together, laughing and eating and simply enjoying the wonderful moment. I don’t think there could be anything better than that.

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