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2006 Stories
Jewish Cooking: My How It's Changes!
Mel Brooks: More Than a Humorist!
My, How Things Have Changed!
Today I Am A Star
Shopping: Not the Same Anymore
We Had No Video Games Either!
Believing the Unbelievable
Safety Gadgets We Lived Without
Reflections On A California Trip
Radio Daze
Living In the 21st Century
Words Long Gone - and Sorely Missed

Grandchildren-Bubbie's Shana Punims

So When are You Coming To Visit, Bubbie?
Lessons Learned the Easy Way
The Truth About Consequences
It's the Game - Not How You Play It!

Food -The Centerpiece of Jewish Life
Waiting for the Delivery Truck
Convenience Cooking: Is it Worth It?
My Favorite Kitchen Gadget -A Can Opener
Gribenas Anyone?
Too Much Schmaltz in the Knaidlelach
Now That's a Crock! (Pickles)
Throw in a Homemade Pie and You've Got a Deal
Cholent A Dish for the Gods - And Rabbis, too
Where Have All the Milkmen Gone?

Hoo-ha for the Holidays
Don't Rain on My Parade (Rosh Hashana)
Where Have All the Flowers Gone? (Rosh Hashana)
The Festival of Hindsight (Chanukah)
Let Them Eat Cake - But Never Mine! (Passover)
Memories are Made of Things Like Matzah Crumbs (Passover)

Bubbie -The Maven
Before Ann Landers, There was Bubbie!
You're Driving Us Crazy
On Scales and Pillboxes
Me and Moses
Joe Camel - No Match for Bubbie
Ironing - What's That?

Life in the 1930's
Our Collection of Fine China
If Mr. Bell Could See Us Now
The Scariest Room in the House (on coal furnaces)
Sat. Night Poker game
They Don't Make House Calls - or Even Phone Calls Anymore (doctors)
Such a Mechiah (air conditioning)
For Rent: Two Bathrooms
When the Iceman Cometh!
What's Missing at the Movies
To Lock or Not to Lock - No Longer the Question!
Family Togetherness - An Alternative to Prozac?

Moving on to the 40's

Movies in the 40's
Give Me Comfort Over Fasion Any Day
The Ultimate Coverup (Leg Makeup)
How to Live Longer and Probably Enjoy it Less (Exercise)
The Good Old Days? (Washing Clothes)
Appreciating Nature - My Way! (victory Gardens)
Nothing Ever Permanent - Not even Permanents!
Recycling: My Opportunity to Save the Universe
My Very Own Disney World (trips to Woolworths)
The Day I Saved the President
On Corvettes and Rumble Seats
Memories: Real or Imagined?

And then there were the '50's

Stupid is as Stupid Does (proper attire for the plane)
So What's the Beef? (advertising)
How Sweet it is! (artifical sweetners)
Our Love Affair with Uncle Miltie
Remembering the Old Hood

On Retirement
The Benefits of Becoming a Senior
The Card

Yiddish and Yiddishkeit
Yiddish Everywhere
Mishpocha No Matter Where You Go
A Rose by Any Other Name Might be a Rhoda
Intermarriage: So What Else is New?
One of Ours

On a More Serious Note
Wizard of Oz
Olympic Games