The Card

I had mixed feelings the day I signed up for a Senior Citizen’s card. For one thing, I knew it would save me money, but it also meant that strangers would know that I had reached that certain age. ( How I hate the term Senior Citizen! Wouldn’t "age advantage" sound better?) For some time, I had hoped to pass for fifty-five or six. (As if anyone but me cared!) Now everyone would know that I had endured for six decades. But thriftyness soon overcame pride, and I applied for a card. The first time I used it was at the grocery store. As I pulled it from my purse, I glanced around to see if anyone was looking. The pretty cashier interrupted my paranoia with "Why, you don’t look old enough to have one of these." I immediately loved her and silently vowed to frequent only her station whenever I shopped at that store.

One day, while waiting in her line, I overheard her say to the man in front of me. "A Senior Citizen discount card? Why, sir, you look too young to have one." The man was not one day under seventy and looked every bit of it! I still use my card, but no longer care whether someone’s judging my age. After all, I’m now quite a few years older and realize just how many benefits there are to being ‘age advantaged’ - especially when I come upon yet another store that honors the card.

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